Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the dress (and trust....)

today is "wedding wednesday" in the wedding industry - why we have to have a specific day - even though we pretty much work every single day is beyond me but I'm going with I thought I'd make a weekly "wedding wednesday" post where I feature some of my work, others work, things that inspire me here we go! Part 1 - the dress.

dear bridesmaids, when the wedding photographer takes the dress out of the room to photograph it - please don't yell, "where are you taking that?!?" "be careful! don't get it dirty!" or "the photographer is stealing the dress!"

we've done this before, we are very careful and we are purely making pretty with it.
-thank you.

which brings me to part 2 of my post: trust. I LOVE it when a bride trusts us. when they believe in our work and know that whatever crazy things we ask them to do, they trust that it will be amazing. we're getting to that point, but still have some brides that need a little convincing. Elizabeth Messina (a legend in the wedding photo world) could probably tell her clients to stand on their heads and they would do it. and I'm sure when she took the dress (above) outside and hung it 15 feet in the air from from a tree branch - no bridesmaid even batted an eye. trust.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I love that little note to brides. Trust probably makes a huge difference on a wedding day -- I'm sure brides who are relaxed and trust their photographers get such better photos than those who are super uptight about it all.

Lyndsy said...

Beautiful Photo and I love your little tips/lessons. Great advice!

nicole said...

i see why she's a legend! what an amazing photo!

taryn said...

good post s! :)

Shelby said...

thanks brandi! Glad you see it our way ;)

thanks lynds! xo

isn't it nicole? you must check out her stuff - I could spend days on her blog....

thanks t ;)