Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yo I can SEW!

Sorta. My mom kept a close eye on me at all times. Remember how I was telling you about being left handed and doing everything backwards? Yep - this applies to sewing, too. Sheesh. I swear lefties are twice as smart since everything is twice as hard for them ;)

Anyhoo while Moms was in town visiting this weekend we made a few throw pillows...they go so well with my mantle.

After realizing that I can actually do this I dusted off my copy of Simple Sewing in hopes to tackle some of the great projects inside. This clever book from Lotta Jansdotter is so perfect for the beginner sewer {seamstress? - ha "seam" "stress" very funny} as it has projects from 4 levels of difficulty from sewing basic square napkins to detailed aprons and even duvet covers. Check it out.
Hmmm what to make next?

{All photos by me}


Brandi said...

These are adorable. I will never buy another throw pillow now. I'll just have to find a fabric store and pull off something funky like this.

jamieofalltrades said...

I so need to make some throw pillows too. Can your mom come help me please? :)

taryn said...

oh... so cool. love them. um.... i think you need to start selling these on etsy! i'd buy some since i can't sew at all... have always wanted to take a class or something. great stuff shelby! i love all the new stuff you're doing for your new home. :)

Shelby said...

Thanks Brandi!

Jamie! I would think this was something you could easily do. But of course - I'll rent her out to you for a weekend :)

Thanks T! Etsy is a great idea...hmm...and taking a class would be really helpful. and fun!

Lola Nova said...

Lovely! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your photos are gorgeous! I shall be back to look some more.
Have a wonderful day!

Chasey and Cash said...

I keep thinking I need a sewing machine! I'm obsessed with always finding a new craft....and sewing just might be my next stop!

If you ever have a little girl...there are some GREAT tutorials for bubble/twirly skirts on etsy! THAT is actually why i want to start sewing...for the skirts!! :)

Your pillows are so cute!! Great job!

Happenstance said...

Nice! What a fun thing to do with mom:)

Lyndsy said...

Your pillows turned out great! Love the patterns you picked! Woo hoo crafty lefty shelby!