Friday, January 29, 2010

Paint It White

The running joke around our house right now is "If it aint right, paint it white." It's pretty much my solution to everything in the new house.

I've been terrible about taking the before pictures so just imagine my hallway linen cabinet was a dreary corner of dark wood cabinets. Now after a few coats of white paint it is bright, cheery and one of my favorite spots in the house! It's the perfect nook to display photos from my first trip to South Africa, and the dark wood frames match the new hardwood floors perfectly. Photos of those to come soon. promise.

I sanded the edges of the cabinets to give it an old weathered look but really it was because I was tired of painting and didn't want to do yet another coat that had to have the perfect brush strokes all in the same direction blah blah blah. Too much pressure. I actually love it this way. Imperfection pays off.

The stairs were also in desperate need of a little pick me up. In this rare "before" photo {starring my lovely sister in law} you can see the railings were a nice wrought iron with dark wood banisters. And if you look closely you can see the dark green carpet that once was. The wall to Deb's right was a nice sage green and the wall below to her left was Home Depot orange. Yep, orange.

After a few coats of bright white trim paint....a million times better!

My father in law tried to talk me out of painting our brick fireplace white but there was no stopping me now. As much as I love having a fireplace this one stood out too much and rather than it being the focal point of the room I wanted it to be a more subtle accent.

This is the before shot from the listing with all of the previous owners stuff:

Of course I think in the end it did end up being a focal point but for all the right reasons.

Let me know what you think!


Melissa Moore said...

It all looks great! Although I am now looking over my laptop screen at all the things I would like to change in my own home. :)

Design Darling said...

beautiful! i truly believe there's nothing a fresh coat of paint can't fix.

Lindsey said...

Love what you have done! Thankfully, our fireplace had already been painted white when we moved in, so we didn't have to do anything. I just love how crisp white makes everything look. Nice job!

Stacie said...

LOOOOOVE!!! I'm SO jealous of your fireplace! The SA accents are so perfect! Can't wait to see the rest Shel! You're doing a great job!! XO

jamieofalltrades said...

Looks so good, Shelbs! Can't wait to see more. xo

Lyndsy said...

It all turned out so great! Love the way the fireplace turned out! Can't wait to see more!!

Chessa! said...

You have just inspired me to do the same with my banister! and I think that your fireplace looks so gorgeous in white. I love how clean and fresh it looks. I know I've seen it done that way in an old issue of Domino before. it looks amazing!

Shelby said...

Thanks for all the awesome feedback everyone!