Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mom will be so proud

Last year my New Year's resolution was to get organized. That didn't really happen. But this year is an entirely different story. New house = new start. And the eye of the hurricane, if you will, seems to always be in my closet.

In the condo we were renting before we bought our house, I kicked Rich out of the closet. I wasn't going to do that this time around since A) It's not really fair and B) The closet in our new house is HUGE and C) There are 3 other closets to put all my stuff in!

So since we're sharing a closet it was time to get my life in order. I had Rich install two shelves for jewelry and clutches. Then I put 4 nails under each shelf to hang belts and necklaces. Super easy!

I've also organized all my clothes by color, style etc {pray for me that this lasts} I put most of my heels on the top shelf and anything that I don't wear often went into another closet. The result? A clean, organized space that allows me to see all of my belongings thus getting more use out of them!

This is a shot of the bottom shelf, above it hangs all of my necklaces. The shelf holds earrings, rings and bracelets.

The top shelf holds some clutches and my jewelry box.

Here's a shot of my side of the closet. The shelves are on the left as you walk in. All my heels are up on the top shelf where I can see them.
And the view from inside my closet. In the corner is a hanging shoe rack where I keep all my flip flops and flats.

And there you have it! I hope I've inspired some of you to organize your own space! Next I'll have to show you my kitchen organization {courtesy of my mom-in-law} you won't believe it.



Lynne said...

Lucky girl wiht a big closet! I love seeing pics of the new place keep them coming.

Danielle said...

It's so pretty. I love walking into my walk in robe and looking at all the pretty clothes hanging in their sections. I do the colour things too, so much easier :)

Lyndsy said...

Looks great! I really need to organize my closet...again!

Melissa Moore said...

Ok I love it! I am sitting here thinking my closet could use a little TLC itself. And I would love to see the kitchen is in need of some serious inspiration.

Stacie said...

Shelzie, I'm impressed!!! Doesn't a clean closet make you feel so much more organized?? I hope for Rich's sake, you keep it up ;)
Bring on the kitchen, can't wait to see it!! We need to plan a trip out to see you two! XO

mom said...

Oh Swel, I am soooo proud... And I'm sure Rich really appreciates the organization - Keep up the good work... I also love, love, love the fireplace decor - looks great...