Thursday, October 1, 2009

{ By } Candlelight

We're still hunting for our first home and I haven't mentioned it lately because the whole process is very un-fun. But to try to keep myself positive I'll occasionally browse the interior design blogs and the home decor shops. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

I love candles and plan to adorn my future home with them. This time of year is my favorite for filling a room with candles whether for a romantic evening in on a rainy day or for a little extra spook factor when watching that scary movie.

From Burke Decor...
Lucia Mandarin & Tomato Flower Soy Candle

Harmony Soy Candle by Altru

Zapote Candle by Kobo

Champagne Ginger Candle by Kobo

Citron Artichoke Candle by Kobo

India Rose Soy Candle Pack


Lyndsy said...

Yum Citron Artichoke sounds incredible! I love that brand of candles too! I heart the pumpkin candle from bath and body...I can't believe it is already time to pull it out again!

Shelby said...

Oh I'll have to check out the pumpkin candle! Sounds scrumptious