Friday, August 14, 2009

{ Wicked } Flickr Favorites

SIL and I are going to see Wicked tonight! I'm beyond excited. So I leave you with some Wicked themed flickr faves....pretty different from the usual faves...Enjoy!

Just rest your eyes if they're getting heavy... by Beautiful Things Are C☮ming... It's a Twister, Auntie Em. by *Tiny Dancer* Wellhouse Glory by cindy47452 Dorothy's Looming Shadow by *Tiny Dancer* Our first day in Japan by 7-how-7 Brenda by Light Stalker Childhood trauma No. 12 by ☞Uh … Bob☜ these shoes are going to take her places by ALifeInFocusPhotography Above The Clouds. by darth_bayne Wizard Of Oz - Dorothy's House & Witch Feet by starsprinkles 43/365 - Follow The Yellow Brick Road by Crystal ♥ Oz beckons by ~BostonBill~ Dorothy's Ban From Oz by rosiehardy Oz's Partner by The Pinkerton Girl the wonderful wizard of oz. by *Zephyrance - don't wake me up. There's No Place Like Home by The Eleven Oz by pink_emmie_bat dorothy v by myla kent Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain by Patr!c!a end of the road for Dorothy.... by brenda acuncius photography Dorothy and the Tornado by AdamBaronPhoto Wizard of Oz crew with shades by Space Emperor Darrell Ruby Slippers L-A-M-B by Gwen Stefani (Wizard of Oz) by Gwen Lover 11 The Wizard of OZ Wicked Witch of the West Barbie by nisogo Wizard of oz by fairytalecinema Wizard of Castro by Thomas Hawk chillin by miss_lauryn The Wicked Witch of the East by *Dragonfly* Kodak disc 3100! by victoria.anne Disney - Cinderella Castle Mosaic Selective Coloring by Joe Penniston Legno by himitsuhana Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead! by boopsie.daisy .lady o & her love shadow. by .serena. Disney - Poisoned (Explored) by Joe Penniston Red Shoe Diary by Terry_Lea Wicked Queen by KhayaL


Leigh said...

These are fantastic! and great theme :)

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you are having a fantastic summer Shelby :)


Lily G. said...

I saw Wicked a few years ago. I loved it! The songs are awesome.

Lynne said...

Please let me know what you think. We are thinking of seeing that when we go to NY

Shelby said...

Thanks everyone! We had a blast at the show!