Monday, August 17, 2009

Another { Monday }

How was your weekend? Mine was INCREDIBLE! As I mentioned on Friday Deb and I experienced WICKED and it was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. The singing was fantastic, the costumes are gorgeous and "Guh-linda" was hilarious! I highly, highly recommend it.

{Another NYC photo by me since I can't not have a photo in a post.}

On Saturday we spent another day at the track and lost more money. But it's all so worth it. If you're in the San Diego area I highly recommend hitting up the Beer Fest in the infield. $15 for five 7oz beer samples {and if you're lucky they won't take your ticket everytime and it could turn into 7 or more beer samples}

After the track we went to the Chargers first preseason game against my former team: the Seattle Seahawks. We had a great time, however I would like to request that Qualcomm stadium learn to be slightly more efficient when getting people INTO the stadium PRIOR to kickoff. Maybe open more than TWO gates? Just an idea....

On Sunday I was lazy for most of the day editing photos from my big bros wedding. Check them out here, followed by an engagement shoot with one of the sweetest most adorable couples I have ever met. I'll let you guys know when those photos are ready - you don't want to miss them!

And that's a wrap! Hope your weekend was lovely and HAPPY MONDAY!


Lyndsy said...

Fun times! Glad you loved Wicked and got to see your Chargers play! I cannot wait to play this weekend! Pony time!

Anonymous said...

Love that pic!

Shelby said...

Can't wait for this weekend Lynds!!

Thanks Reddeer ;)