Thursday, April 30, 2009

iPhone. How I love thee: Part One { Of Many }

So I got an iPhone a couple weeks ago and it hasn't left my side since the day I brought it home all shiny and smelling like new technology.

The hubby actually asked me if I think my Macbook is sad. I looked over at her and yes, she was starting to look a little pathetic, lost, alone.

But I can't help myself! The iPhone is filled with so much equally useful and time wasting apps that my life as never felt more fulfilled. {Apologies to my husband, dog, laundry, DVR and yes, Macbook}

So I'm hear to spread the love - I am not paid by Apple {in fact my Mom works for Microsoft so I may be bordering on traitor} - I simply think everyone could benefit from an iPhone in their life. Simple as that.

So what did my iPhone do for me today? As I was driving to work a favorite song of mine came on the radio that I hadn't heard in a long time. I thought to myself "I want this on my iTunes" so I pulled out that iPhone, hit the free Shazam app and held the phone up to my car speakers. Seconds later, Shazam recognizes the song and directs me to iTunes where I can purchase and download it right from my phone.

- new music downloaded from my car {when stopped at lights of course} all before 9am.

UPDATE: Per House of Milk's request - the song was The Pixies' Where is My Mind.


naturally nina said...

Sigh. I know. I am having an Iphone love affair myself!

Lynne said...

I want an Iphone so bad but I cant get one since I am with verizon :(

Vanessa said...

I've been wanting to get an iPhone, but because I keep moving in between Europe and the U.S. I can't commit until I know which network I'll be sticking with for a while. But I want it and you're just making it worse! :-)

Ashley Rose said...

haha i just got a the new one last week, and i have been so much more addicted (i blame the high speed internet on it) ooh my fav apps:
FML, Pandora, flickr sendr, urban spoon =)

House of Milk said...

so what was the song? the suspense is killing me! ;)

Amy (the b-line) said...

Love my iphone too! And Shazam rocks.