Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting off on the right foot...eventually

Ok it's time to make sure we're all sticking to our resolutions.

photo via fffound

Since I haven't got to #1 OR #2 on my resolution list, let's skip ahead to #3 and Organize, Organize, Organize.

And what better way to start organizing your life than in your closet? Jamie gives us a couple great tips on closet organization via Whatiwore:

1. NEVER, ever, put anything dirty or wrinkled back into your closet. Throw it on your ironing board or if you can’t be bothered, take it to the cleaners. Your closet should not be a house of stress and “nothing to wear”. Your closet should be a place for things you care for and want to put on your body. Not a bunch of junk that doesn’t reflect how you feel about yourself.

2. There’s no contest on who has the most clothes. If it doesn’t fit, you don’t like it anymore and doesn’t reflect your personal style (like if it was a gift from old Aunt Betty) GET RID OF IT.


Numero quatro on my list is: Stop Complaining. And since I feel like I just got run over by a truck and I'm still here at work when I should be wrapped up in a blanket under the influence of Tylenol PM and watching soap operas - I'm going to put that one off until next week.

#5 is Be Creative. {See number 4}

However I do think this is cleverly creative and I think I can muster up the energy to do at least one thing today....

Pretty Bitter Stationery

....drive to the drugstore and pick up some Tylenol PM. Goodnight.


Vanessa said...

Creativity is better when you're rested anyway :-)

Jen said...

Having lived with you before I think closet organisation is a great resolution :). Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, feeling great but still 4 long months to go! Take care x

a little bird said...

I like that notepad too, I think I am going to make one for myself (so broke after xmas).

thanks for the birthday wishes, my dear :) incredible photos, as always, even your casually take shots are captivating. how do you do it??

xo have a great day!

Mallory Grace said...

I'm sorry your sick sweetie. Forget your resolutions, take some medicine and just sleep it away. If Tylonel PM doesn't work, take some Contact cold. Works amazing!!! Feel better Shelby.

Shelby said...

Vanessa - that's so true! Which is one of the reasons I stayed home and slept all day.

Jen - Ha! Those were the good old days :) I guess I haven't changed that much...

"A Little Bird" my pleasure! Enjoy your day

Thanks for the well wishes Mal!

mary said...

First of all, I want that chair in the photo.

Second, great tips on closet organization. I need to remember both of those sentences in bold! I also like your # 4 and 5 resolutions, too. And seeing as though I have NOT yet made mine, I may jump on board with yours :)

Shelby said...

Mary - isn't that a cool chair??
And come aboard! I usually don't make resolutions but I think a little creativity and organization never hurt anyone!

Stacie919 said...

Are you feeling better? I'm just getting over the same thing! blah!

Shelby said...

I am feeling better. Thanks Eem!