Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Heart Homemade

Before I get into this post - I just want to take a poll on something that has been on my mind for a little while now. The < greater than (or is it less than?) plus the 3 = <3 (a heart). Example: I <3 NY. Now my girlfriends and I are the QUEENS of internet slang (YKYFW, LAS, LAB, LOL, NTBCW etc) but <3 is not one that comes up in our daily email conversations. I'm not so sure how I feel about it. So what do you think? Do you <3 the <3? Or is it just too much?

Ok back to things I really do "heart." Clutches...especially homemade ones...especially homemade ones from Etsy. It's no surprise that I love Etsy; as I sell both my cards and photos there...but I also do love to shop there! Not too long ago I bought this darling clutch from sidelica.

Its the perfect clutch for spring/summer displaying a pretty spread of garden flowers in yellow and green with a gorgeous extra large button closure. It's pretty and vintagey with a little added black to give it attitude.

It goes perfect with jeans, a tee and flats or pair it with your go-to LBD. Check out lots more homemade goodies at Etsy.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!


Mariana said...

um, is it ok that the only ones I know are LOL and YKYFW? In my day we said things like NKOTB. sigh. we are old.
i hate the heart thing by the way, or should i say BTW?

Mariana said...

ack! i commented twice, sorry! just erase one. love you, hope you're well.

Avery Bleu said...

Cute clutch!
I sometimes use <3, but not very often. We can start to if you want....

Shelby said...

Ha! Thanks Lit.

Aves, I'm good with out it. It just doesn't come naturally to me. And on the blackberry you'd have to hit the symbol key then scroll around to find the < and all that stuff. Too much work