Thursday, August 7, 2008


Awesome is my favorite word

Raises are Awesome (I just got one yesterday)

This website is Awesome (literally)

I think driving with the windows rolled down on a warm sunny day is Awesome

There's a band called Awesome (how cool is that?)

It's Awesome when you get an unexpected gift for no reason at all

It's even more Awesome when you find the perfect gift for someone but don't want to wait for a holiday so you just give it to them for no reason at all

Mrs. Bunyard would think this is Awesome

Taking naps on Sunday afternoons is Awesome

Photography is Awesome

My friends are Awesome

You are Awesome.

Awesome begins to sound funny and gets annoying when you say it too much.


Avery Bleu said...

Ha! That made me laugh.

Stacie919 said...

This post was AWESOME!!!!

Katie said...

That IS totally, totally awesome!