Monday, January 23, 2012

the happiness project...and 2012 resolutions

i really want to share my resolutions with you (I have a ridiculous number) without getting too personal. my hope is that by talking about them on here maybe I'll:

1. inspire others
2. be more inclined to stick with it

to make a really long story short - my goal, my resolution is to live my best life. make the most of everyday and be as happy as possible.

my mom bought me the happiness project by gretchen rubin for christmas and i immediately dove in. for some reason i feel the need to disclaim: i'm a very happy person. i'm rarely sad, never depressed. i find joy in the simplest things like a cozy blanket, cilantro and opening my sunroof in january. however i do believe that i can be happier. happier in my home, my work, my marriage, is short so why not make the very best of every day?

the happiness project is basically 12 resolutions broken down and tackled each month of the year. ranging from friendships to vitality to money and everywhere in between. i've started my own happiness project this year and while i plan to follow gretchen on some of her monthly resolutions - not all apply to my life so i'll be working on a few of my own.

first up is January and focusing on vitality: boosting my energy. 

i'll go into greater detail in my next post but the basic idea is probably very similar to many of your resolutions: work out more, eat better, get organized etc.

so what are your resolutions? have you read the happiness project? would love to hear your experiences.

{photo by me}


Nicole Marie said...

such a good idea. i want to read that book

Lyndsy said...

good ones! i will need to check this book out! love the idea behind it! good luck friend! XO

Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle said...

Love this, Shelby! I want to read this book and I'm definitely going to copy you and set monthly goals, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Candy said...

I just started reading the ideas and methods she uses! I'm inspired to make this my new philosophy!

Jessica Lynn said...

Read the book this summer and am just now getting around to starting my resolutions! January is all about my attitude - no negatives, being easy to please and remembering to stay calm when work or a situation gets hectic/stressful. All is going well so far! Its amazing how much more aware of my attitude I am each day and how I can choose to be happier!

Fit With Flash said...

my goal is to make 2012 my bitch. : )
this book looks awesome. hope you guys are awesome!

jamieofalltrades said...

i want to read this book. you're mom always picks the best books!

Punctuation Mark said...

i've heard a lot about that book.. will check it out! Happy weekend!

jessica lynn said...

how are your resolutions going!? attempting to post my update shortly!