Thursday, December 29, 2011

holiday cards and new year's resolutions

I know it's a bit late to be posting about holiday cards but I didn't get a chance to post before taking some time off with the family and they kind of fit into one of my new years resolutions so I'm posting them anyway.

I'm still finalizing all my resolutions and I'll probably do a full post about that soon - but one thing I've been thinking about a lot lately is to be more thoughtful.  and one way to do this is to send more cards.  holiday cards, just because cards, birthday cards etc.  and since I love crafting - my goal is to make all of these cards myself.  or at least try.

so this year I made a handful of Christmas cards and while I didn't send out as many as I'd hoped - It's at least at start.  Don't take offense if you didn't get one from me - another part of my resolution is to start collecting people's addresses - so if you'd like a card from me - just email me your address.

as you can see there really is no rhyme or reason to my cards - no two were the same....I tend to just jump into my craft projects and see what happens.  maybe that should be another resolution - planning ahead. 

so do you have a favorite card?  I'm pretty proud of my reindeer as I made him with a recycled Starbucks bag. 

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Lindsay said...

Cute! I like them all! Nicely done :)