Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wedding wednesday :: the un-bride

as a wedding photographer nothing inspires me more than the unique, the never been done before, the outside of the box, the risk etc....lucky for me the trend in weddings right now is: anything goes.
well almost anything....I know most girls dream of wearing a beautiful white dress on their wedding day (why wouldn't you?) - but what a statement you would make in one of these gorgeous, colored or (gasp!) black gowns. I'm hoping to see this trend a lot more in the near future.

I see this in a NYC evening wedding with plenty of fabulously dressed guests and the finest food and drink...

this is probably the least risky but still makes a statement nonetheless.

Rachel Bilson is one of my faves so I don't know if it's her or the dress I'm drawn to but these pretty one shoulder ruffles are so sweet and simple. it would be gorgeous in white but the pale blush gives it some interestingness.

I have a thing for navy and jewel tones right glamourous and the white hair piece manages to keep it "weddingy"

this has some serious "wow" and would take some serious guts to pull off but I'm so. in. love. if you don't think you have what it takes to pull off black - I think it would be stunning in champagne, too. cheers!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous, always love to look up amazing and dreamy wedding dresses..although no plans yet myself! xoxo

Amanda* said...

Absolutely stunning!

taryn said...

LOVE that first dress!!