Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Secret

{photo by me - wish tickets a birthday gift from my sister-in-law}

Shockingly - I don't think this is something I've talked about on the blog - but maybe I have - who knows - I'm losing my mind these days. I dropped a check in the mail the other day WITHOUT ADDRESSING it. Yep it's just floating out there somewhere with a postal worker shaking their head and rolling their eyes.

Anyway - The Secret - that book/movie that Oprah talked about years ago? I was a little late to the party but oh how happy I am that I went. I'm not a religious person at all but I've always believed that if you live your life with kindness and love, good things will happen to you. And this is sort of the idea behind The Secret. Basically, through the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, you can have whatever you dream out of life. Anything! Love, money, success, health etc.

To further convince you {and to attempt to make a long story short} I was reading the section of the book about money - and decided to put out there in the universe that I wanted x amount of money by the end of the month. Now "x amount" was in my mind a ridiculous sum of money - something that I couldn't just stumble upon or get in a birthday card. It was pretty significant. After thinking about that amount, visualizing a check coming in the mail - the universe did just that. I received a check for just under the amount I'd asked for!* I was sold.

Every day I ask the universe to bring me happiness, health, success, money, love etc. I recite and even write down what I'm thankful for and try to keep negative thoughts at bay. I'm not trying to preach anything to anyone - I just wanted to share my experiences. We only live once, so why not make it the best life ever?

So I'm going to put out a few more goals, dreams, hopes, wishes into the universe right here on this blog - and we'll check back to see when they come true:

- visit NYC in the next 6 months
- visit London in the next year
- book 30 weddings in 2011
- workout regularly, eat healthy
- remember how lucky I am
- surround myself with beauty
- smile and have fun everyday
- buy a Chanel bag someday ;)

*we did acquire even more than the exact amount that month through photography gigs etc.


Anonymous said...

that is just the best post ever! so so cute and true to your heart! it got me sucked in right away! well, first the sweet image did, i have to admit! but i know that feeling ...and am a believer of wishes! so be careful what you wish for it might happen sooner or later for real, hehe! so lovely! and NYC been there, so great! Chanel bag me wanna too! love, healthyness and happyness! peace and harmony! have the money that you need to live my life to the fullest! be surrounded by family and loved ones! share love and joy and laughter...

so a lot of things! will keep you with some of mine for now!

lovely greets!

and may all your wishes come true!


stacy said...

you got it sista!

kev and i work the secret every. single. day.

Brandi said...

After we spoke about it, I found a copy and started reading it. I think it's helped already. I have a sum of money I've asked for, something that would help make my life a bit easier and fly home whenever I need to. I can't wait to see what happens.

The Weber Family said...

Wow! I am reading a book right now with a similar message and this post is such a coincidence! I hadnt thought about wishing for money though, GREAT idea! =) Hope you reach all of your goals.

La Feem said...

Thanks for the reminder, been putting it out there and needed this to keep the flow going....

libys11 said...

wow!! i have been a fan of the secret ever since oprah set it out there.. it's been awhile since i looked over it. after reading thru your post here, i just felt inspired to be more positive (especially right now where im at a point in my life where im trying to find work).
thanks for sharing this.

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N.B said...

love your blog!!

see you soon

Happenstance said...

Love this story so much:) And I especially like when you wrote you'll check back to see "when" they come true. I've read similar books, but I'm definitely late to this particular party. You've inspired me once again. This WILL be my next read:)

mary said...

I starred this post in my reader to remind myself to comment on it! I loved The Secret, and was totally inspired by it, but unfortunately didn't stick with it. Reading your post just lit a fire under my butt to re-read it and LIVE it. :)

taryn said...

love this shelby! you're good at reminding me to think this way! i'm wishing for a trip to europe too!

Krissy Engle said...

Love this post! I read the Secret years ago, but I've been thinking about re-reading lately and you've inspired me! I am all about thinking positively and putting what you want out into the universe! Good things happen when you believe they will! Have a good weekend! Can't wait to meet you soon!