Monday, May 10, 2010

Flickr faves

Here's to happiness!
Felicidad / Happiness by happy-mami (Rebe) tootsies by { allison } Happiness by { allison } ninety seven | bring happiness by curiousillusion Happiness by Weapon X™ Happiness is a butterfly - Explored! by Divas and Dreams (Christina) ethereal by rebecca lily happiness is... English breakfast tea in my favorite teacup by rebecca lily  by threelittlebirds {Mindy J}  by Yvette Inufio floating by mainemomma ~ kristin  by Yvette Inufio Don't look away, don't run away, baby it's only life. by Kristine May. happiness by traceyclark : ) by mainemomma ~ kristin happy feet by mainemomma ~ kristin Happiness is by ***j9*** There is only one happiness in life - To love and to be loved by BàrbaraFerrà  by Yvette Inufio  by ►Anton dream 1 by mainemomma ~ kristin full of energy by .nevara This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow~ by Tja'Sha ♥ How I Pick My Friends by RhiannonDaire dance like no one's watching by ►Anton let the sunshine in :-) by ►Anton happy*halloween! by .elsie*cake. day fifteen. my first jump in 30 days! by ::reflecting truth:: happy happy... joy joy by mainemomma ~ kristin Happy Halloweenie by Kristybee happy feet :gratitude 269.365 by mainemomma ~ kristin happy : gratitude 217.365 by mainemomma ~ kristin Summer by Stephen Beadles Summer by Stephen Beadles Nahla by Stephen Beadles celebration of spring by .nevara


Happenstance said...

Oh the baby feet are the best. Hope you had a great weekend Shelby!

Brandi said...

Happiness is definitely the word of the day! Love this collection.