Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My last day of eating solid foods.

The wisdom teeth are coming out tomorrow. I'm not at all nervous about the actual surgery part. However I am nervous about how I'll act or what I'll say when I come out of surgery {I've heard some pretty hilarious stories}. And I'm definitely nervous about the recovery process but I'm looking forward to some lazy time with Zu dog and Rich taking good care of both of us.

I didn't have time to schedule any posts so I may be signing off until next week. If that's the case I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy all your meals, chew slowly and be thankful for your teeth ;)

Here's another green shot - I've taken a bunch but posted only a few. I also need you guys to let me know what color is up for next month. Leave it in the comments below!

Again, have a great weekend and take a little time to roll around in the grass with someone you love.


Anonymous said...

gud luck (:


Lyndsy said...

good luck darling! best wishes for a speedy recovery and no silly stories!

i nominate pink for may!! xoxo

jamieofalltrades said...

ugh, teeth/mouth surgery is the worst! I had my wizies out in college. They give you good drugs. For foods, try chocolate ensure. I actually really liked them. Or Starbucks Vivanno Smoothies would be good. Rest up! xoox

Hugs, Mal! said...

Good luck with the surgery. Tell Rich to text D and I to let us know all went well.

Advise, nothing to hot or too cold the first day or so... stick to fridge and pantry stuff like apple sauce then work your way into frozen stuff like ice cream. Oh and frozen peas are amazing ice packs. Just take your meds and switch ice pack sides every 30 minutes!

Xoxo, your big bro and Mal

Melissa Moore said...

Hope you bounce back quickly from your surgery. It wasn't as bad as everyone had told me, so I hope that for you also.

Love your green photo, if you haven't ever been to this blog you should check it out
she does some awesome photography challenges, among a million other wonderful things.

Happy weekend!!

Michelle said...

Good luck! Hope you recover quickly, that does NOT sound like fun! :( Yay for ice cream & smoothies though!

Brandi said...

Shelby, rest up and make sure you have some good apple sauce and soft bread. When I had my wisdom teeth out, my mouth was so numb that the yogurt and apple sauce I tried to put in it wouldn't go in very far. It was so sad and funny. The bread helped to transport those soft foods. And feel better soon! I'm sure you'll be fine in a few days.

Valerie said...

Get well soon!