Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beyond Proud

So the other day the coolest thing EVER happened to one of my best girls {and former roomie} Jamie. She's the one I said would love those mixer kitchen towels. Which means she loves the kitchen, more specifically she loves baking, and even more specifically she loves baking cupcakes.
And her cupcakes are famous throughout her circle of friends. She's always baking up something new for the next birthday party, baby shower, wedding etc.
Well her cupcakes just got a lot more famous.


Jamie just received the honor of BEST CUPCAKE IN SEATTLE. Whoa! She entered and won BOTH categories {red velvet and your cupcake of choice - Jamie chose Key Lime Pie - YUM} beating out THREE legit cupcake companies. Now that's not to say that Jamie isn't legit because clearly she is. I just want to make it clear that she was a major underdog. Like a 16 seed beating a 1 seed {I'm still in March Madness mode}.


Check out the article for the full story and check out Jamie's blog for more yummy cupcakes and lots of great craft ideas and delicious recipes.

James - I'm beyond proud of you! Mostly for putting yourself out there. You're a HUGE inspiration to me. Your future is lookin pretty sweet ;)

And if you're in the Seattle area - put in your order fast.


taryn said...

how rad!! yum... red velvet is my fav and key lime is my fav pie. i need to meet her and try her cupcakes! love that story!

Lyndsy said...

So exciting!

Cat* said...

Yay for good friends and double yay for good friends who are cupcake baking master :D

Brandi said...

Congrats to your friend Jamie! I only wish I had a reason to travel up to Seattle. Maybe eating her cupcakes could BE the reason, right?

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Congrats to your talented baking friend! I want cupcakes at out upcoming wedding and wish we were in the area so she could make them!! xoxo katie