Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night

My favorites....

She can do no wrong
{Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture}

Ok I'm not usually a fan of Miley but this may be one of my favorites of the night. She looked stunning and totally age appropriate. Nice work girl.
{Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham}

I was really loving all the "risks" everyone was taking - including Diane Kruger's
{Diane Kruger}

It wasn't a total favorite but I thought her hair, makeup and cute headband were fabulous.
{Elizabeth Banks in Versace}

I don't think I need a reason for this being a fave ;)
{Ryan Reynolds in Tom Ford}

My other favorite look. I loved the colors and again the risk. The little bit of sparkle was perfect too. I would love to twirl around in this stunning gown.
{Zoe Saldana}

{Images provided by E Online of Just Jared}

Which were your faves? Least favorite?


Melanie said...

oh sarah looked gorgeous, but her hair looked a bit messy (esp. on stage).
but my fav was demi moore. oh what a beautiful dress. i also liked jennifer lopez. she looked really classic.

the least... i just saw a picture of heidi klum... was she serious with that short dress? uughh..

Brandi said...

I'm sad I didn't get to watch last night (paper writing). But I agree with you about Miley -- amazing dress.

Whimsy Being said...

Great round up! I loved Zoe's dress! Her risky move paid off =)

Lyndsy said...

i hearted SJP and Miley as well, but was not a fan of Zoe or Diane's looks. Ryan Reynolds is always hot so thanks for the eye candy :)

Lynne said...

I totally agree with you about everyone of the dresses you posted! Great minds think alike

taryn said...

wow.... impressed with miley too! who knew?!
i didn't get a chance to see any oscar stuff until now since i was in vegas (which, by the way - i have tons to fill you in on about stuff i learned & saw, so let's meet up soon)... but great picks!
SJP can never go wrong! love her.

Vanessa said...

Zoe Saldana was perfection in my eyes!