Friday, March 26, 2010

Merry Weekend

We really have nothing planned. A little happy hour tonight. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment {loooong overdue}. Now that we've moved my stylist is nearly 45 minutes away so I'm going to make a whole day of it and hit up some consignment shops downtown, have lunch with myself and make my way back up the coast. Sunday I hope to drag Rich on a little hike in the trails by our house.

What do you all have going on this weekend?


Lynne said...

Cant wait to see the hair :)I miss you and hope all is well.

taryn said...

weather is supposed to be awesome this weekend.... can't wait to hear your idea! ;)
happy weekend! love this photo too.

Stacie said...

Friends, family, a little shoppin'! :)
Have fun on your adventure tomorrow! XOXO

Whimsy Being said...

Have a great weekend and yay for new hair! =)