Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flickr Favorites

It's been too long! I'm bringing my faves back. Check out all my creative Flickr contacts seeing red. After all it is the month of looooove. Remember click to see who shot what. XOXO
more summer berries by cannelle-vanille empty suitcase by mainemomma ~ kristin Good-night to the Season! - Another Will come, with its trifles and toys, And hurry away, like its brother, In sunshine, and odor, and noise by i.Anton lovebug. by .lauren nicole. red by mainemomma ~ kristin Polaroid of Zoe by Let'sExplode Red by Siouxanna paint it red by *taryn big red by heathre dance? by i.Anton picnic by Bordons red by J-Easy to brighten my day by miss.bailey IdEa by Yosigo reloj by Yosigo * by *Cinnamon red. by Elle Moss For the birds. by KimFearheiley red by shannonblue Red by C Ray Dancer strawberry hearts forever. by Kimberly Clark... time out, tired of Flickr! ruby by Elle Moss 70/365 - RED HOT and WHITE by auntsmack4u red velvet cupcakes by jamieofalltrades red skirt by Let'sExplode Fresh Red Plums by tartelette red by .elsie*cake. red lanterns by J-Easy reds by shannonblue Rainy Day Red Sheds by helle-belle Red in my grandma's favorite china cup . . by KimFearheiley red for a rainy day by miss.bailey 262/365 - OCTOBERFEST ON RED by auntsmack4u Red Hair Day by patchworkbunny Red*Velvet*Art by .elsie*cake. (RED) by *Cinnamon


Brandi said...

I have missed your Flickr Favorites posts. They always started my week right -- so very happy they're back. And back with a real bang! Love this red. It sets the mood for February perfectly.

Shelby said...

Aww thanks Brandi! I promise to keep it up