Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Palm Springs { Riviera }

Thanks again for all the great recommendations for our weekend getaway to Palm Springs. Imagine my delight when almost all of you recommended the Riviera and that's where we were staying! We had a blast. The hotel was too cool and everyone was so so nice. The pool area was perfect - if only it wasn't 110 degrees outside. Here's a little Riviera collage I put together. I'm obsessed with all the colors of Palm Springs.

We also stopped by The Ace Hotel and The Parker. Collages of those to come as well. I actually stole the whole collage idea from the Ace website. Love it.


tarynkent photography said...

love the collage.... good pics too! i'm staying at the parker this weekend! i've heard it's really cool. i can't wait!

Shelby said...

Oh you're going to have a BLAST. The Parker is amazing. And the restaurant is fantastic!!

Lily G. said...

You're going to have so much fun!!!