Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy { Monday }

We're back from our incredible trip to Kentucky! We had such a blast meeting new friends, seeing new sites and {Rich} drinking new Bourbon. {I stuck with the Kentucky Ale}
It is such a gorgeous place! So green and the houses are gorgeous and southern, and it's all very calming and laid back. And the people! So friendly and happy and genuine.

And of course the wedding was a blast! Ami & Conrad are both ridiculously gorgeous so our job was a piece of cake. And when Southern California meets Louisville Kentucky - watch out Y'all - we know how to party.

So if you ever find yourself in Louisville - check out 4th Street Live. Bowling and Bourbon - does it get any better?

Pictures soon!


Melanie said...

glad you had a wonderful trip.
it's always great to see and meet new people and things.
need to do that too.... ;)

jamieofalltrades said...

Sounds fun. Can't wait to see the photos too.