Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flickr { Football } Favorites


Football Preview Portraits by mark & his nikon Voorheesville Football - #75 Reid by HckySo Decay and Lace by lesretrouvailles Catch it if you can by manganite Shoes In Strange Places 3 by Lady Vervaine Arrow Head Stadium (Kansas City) by Elwood Photo Football Preview Portraits by mark & his nikon Football Preview Portraits by mark & his nikon High School Football by amphalon British American Football.jpg (Dedicated to Julian Fuller, thanks for the invite) by Snapperz BCS Championship Football by darebouche early football player by paws22 MSTATE football by MSphotoGirl Really small football game by peptidbond BROWNS RAIDERS FOOTBALL by EOS Boy Seats at Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club by David J Colbran "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL ???" by Yankees Man Football anyone? by dog ma Football Oreo Truffles by Bakerella Football Player Crotch by boxjock78 Voorheesville Football - #12 Jevan running in the rain by HckySo Football Oreo Truffles by Bakerella Football Player "Lucis Art" by griegophoto Football Field by Blink.Color Football here I come! by imnowl Football At Notre Dame Stadium by supernova9 Football in Grass by Jayel Aheram Oakland Raider Football Player JaMarcus Russell by Eyeshotpictures A little football!!! by carsp7 Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest Finalist by Fred Schempp Football Fans by mbkozera football_pville_nwc_9872 by newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi French Love for Football | Marseille, France 2001 by andrijbulba Mud football by benzmar Football antics in the snow - my best lil labtini! by A deployed Soldier (OIF) Football Cookies by Glorious Treats

Today is like Christmas {well actually last Saturday was like Christmas so today is like New Years?} Anyway, I'm a HUGE sports fan. HUGE. Especially Football. And tonight marks the beginning of the 2009 NFL season. I give you another non-traditional bunch of flickr faves.

To me football is lazy weekends in your sweats, fight songs, passion, pride, the occasional tears, an excuse to get together with friends, talking trash to your fantasy football opponents, changing leaves, something comforting to come home to after a Monday workday, the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, buffalo wings and fried food.

What's your favorite thing about football? If you're not a sports fan, tell me your favorite thing about fall.

UPDATE: Speaking of football. I think this is a great idea. I may have to join in.


Candy said...

My favorite thing about football? NHL camps open this weekend! GO SHARKS! :-)

Melissa Moore said...

I second all of that, Football is just one of the many reasons fall is my favorite time of year. One thing my hubby and I agree on entirely....lazy Sundays watching football.

Blyth Family Blog said...

Oh yes, cannot wait. Fall is FOOTBALL time at my house, everyday...24/7 (thanks to my hubby). Why are there no Seahawks shots?? Love you!

Shelby said...

Oh Aunt Candy :)

Yes! Lazy Sundays are the BEST. Any time of year but football is always the perfect excuse.

Sorry Megs - I'm an official Charger girl now ;) Love you

simply blogged said...

Very cool mosaic. I am going to have to check some of these out.

Brandi said...

I think the best thing about football is watching it with other people and commenting on the stupid plays and good moves and what not. The excitement is just so infectious.

jamieofalltrades said...

I always think of you this time of year. I don't think there is a bigger football fan!