Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Heart San Diego Magazine { It's The Best }

And not only because it accounts for half of my household income but because of all their amazing "Bests." Each year they publish their "Best Of Issue" highlighting their reader's favorite San Diego activities. And this year many of the favorites are "recession friendly."

There are so many goodies in this issue I could fill up my entire calendar for the rest of the year! In fact I think I will make a "mid-year resolution" to try at least one new suggestion from SD Mag each month.

Here are just some of the many Bests:

Best Dog Beach

Best Place to Spot a Celeb

Best Cougar Bar (Yes those Cougars (not the mascot of my alma mater), we have an abundance of them in Del Mar/La Jolla)

Best 24 Hour Taco Stand

Best Hangover Breakfast

Best Place to Pimp your Ride

Best Antiquing by the Beach

....And so much more!

For my first activity - I plan to hit up the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park {It's free to locals on the 2nd Tuesday of each month!}

So if you're a local San Diegan I strongly advise you to grab a copy - it will be your bible. And if you plan to visit San Diego this year, you can get all the Bests off their website.
Be sure to check out the Best Restaurants section, too!

This Friday we'll be hitting up the Best of Party at the NTC Promenade in Point Loma. Proceeds benefit the San Diego Police Foundation. Tickets will get you: good karma, admission + food and drink from many of the vendors featured in the Best Of Issue.

{I think I just broke a record for most "bests" in a single post.}

Have the BEST day ever!


Brandi said...

I am SO glad you posted this. I just moved to San Diego and I have no idea where to go for all the good food/fun/necessities. It's an awesome place, but I'm lost in it so far...

Maggie May said...

Isn't our San Diego the best? Yes, yes it is.

Shelby said...

Brandi - I'm So glad you saw this! Welcome to our great city!

jamieofalltrades said...

I love these magazines. I always look forward to the 'Best of Seattle.' I end up keeping these on my shelf for years and consult often. Especially for food!