Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hats { Off }

Tomorrow is closing day at the Del Mar track - so we got in our final fix on Sunday. And what a day it was! We all came away winners - big winners after betting on Richard's Kid {obviously} to win the Pacific Classic. And Win he did! What an exciting race.

Time to hang up the hats for another year. And I already have my eye on a few for next year....it will take me until then to be able to afford one of these.

{all hats from here.}


Anonymous said...

love them all.

i have always wanted to go to a race and model one of those crazy hats! it would be a dream come true!

glad you had fun!!!

Lyndsy said...

Yay to you big winner! I had so much fun at the races with you and the girls (and a certain boy)....can't wait to do it again next year! XOX

Shelby said...

Oh that's right! Have you talked to that certain boy???

Vanessa said...

I always want to wear hats like those but always feel like I can't pull it off an look like a doofus.