Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still { Dreaming } Living Room Inspiration

Previously I showed you some ideas I had for my dream kitchen. I also hinted at the style of living room I'm drawn to. Allow me to elaborate:

I put this little inspiration board together based on 3 of my favorite living rooms. As mentioned numerous times, yellow is my favorite color but even I know it can quickly and easily ruin the design of a room. I think these rooms have done a good job of using the color without overkill. Though I don't think I'm brave enough to paint entire walls a bright canary yellow....at least not this time around.

In the first room {top left} I love the subtle pops of yellow and those dark, dark hardwood floors. In the second room {middle right} I love the rustic look of the door, coffee table and wood panels done right. And in the last room I love {bottom middle} the white window panels and the zebra print rug to give it that South Africa vibe we already have going on in our current living room. I'll be on the hunt for some zebra print during our next trip this December. {Yes the black chandelier is a little out of place - maybe I could spray paint it white?}


jamieofalltrades said...

Those all go together so well. I love the yellow, gray, zebra and wood mixed together. It will be so nice!

Shelby said...

Thanks James!