Friday, June 19, 2009

{ Friday } Flickr Favorites

We've had a week of celebrations: birthdays, birth announcements and a wedding this weekend. And what better way to celebrate than with balloons? Balloons just have a way of making photos that much better. Clique!

 by beth retro Composição by missbodart  by missbodart balloon day by amy mortimer*  by magna rún Day 118 - hold on tight by amy mortimer* Day 134 - the after party? by amy mortimer* day59 by The Lost Balloons it was all a dream by Invisible Cirkus Day #365 (02.22.2009) by ashlye nicole more*balloons by .elsie*cake. happiness.... by mainemomma {kristin} yellow balloon by threelittlebirds {Mindy J} balloons by threelittlebirds {Mindy J}  by Elle Moss hope floats by mainemomma {kristin} two eighty                   (Explored!) by Hildog! she still haunts me... by Elle Moss Day 366. Dec 31. by Maryam S. two seventy six by Hildog! pink balloons by {meagen} balloons [Explore!] by {meagen} Balloon1 by Sminey hope that your heart's always warm by aNne(♣) girl balloon by solidariat dancing and dreaming by beth retro colour party II by beth retro Found by noimnotclarence  by sylvialovesyou [is back!] 99 Red Balloons Self Portrait by Maebe Amy tired by karuleta* Bloons by alex_svanberg Balloon Girl 1 by imogen.ts joy by ames. balloons by the sea II by beth retro All is full of love by Princess sparkle's bff

Have a great weekend! See you next week. XOXO


Lyndsy said...

Love them all! Balloons can't help but make me smile! So thanks for the smile of the day :)

Anonymous said...

Love all those balloon shots.

Anonymous said...

thank you for including me in your flickr balloon favs this week.

- invisible cirkus

Shelby said...

Thanks guys!

Invisible Cirkus - My pleasure!!