Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Flickr Favorites {and living room inspiration?}

Still on the house hunt...nothing new to report just yet. But today I want to focus on our future living room. For quite sometime now I've been loving the yellow, gray and cream/white color scheme. Yellow is of course my favorite color but I definitely appreciate it in small doses {i.e. accessories and art work) creams/whites will brighten up our future space and I think gray adds that certain interesting-ness to a living room.

I found this living room the other day and I think it does a good job of using the yellows and creams but has more browns and chocolates rather than grays - which would be easy to work with since a lot of our furniture is brown/tan. And I really, really love the dark wood floors with the white walls - just replace that pup with a little black and tan puggle and we're home!

So with that image as inspiration - I was on the hunt for a similar color scheme in this week's Flickr Favorites....clickity click! by Let'sExplode winter by Dalla* white birthday party by cannelle-vanille milk white sheets by Elle Moss burnt milk ice cream by cannelle-vanille To me, horses and freedom are synonymous ~ by Bàrbara Ferrà my summer dresses by mrs. french Welcome? by Joep R.  by i.Anton . . . . make lemonade by Langdon* Bedside Table Options by decor8 317 • 365 :: real by ~ maitexu ~ Waiting for... by Lafayette. Etsy Take Five Tuesday by decor8 regen in wien - rain in vienna by ~shrewd~  by Kjers.. hold your breath. day forty seven. by ::reflecting truth:: Lemons by tartelette Orange & Lemon Zest by tres.jolie God is in the rain. by lindseyy. 94/365 (11.17.08) idreamtyouwerehere by fountaincoke Light disolved i.e. what it means to be extreme by *Cencula* Just Brown by {momma2four} I feel the wind on my face by Lafayette. lemon cream shortbreads by cannelle-vanille Hours fly, Flowers die, New days, New ways, Pass by, Love stays by i.Anton salted chocolate, pistachio, peanut nougat ice cream by cannelle-vanille Yellow Inspiration by decor8 berries cream and flowers by Elle Moss you know its fall when...(096/365) by Katherine Elizabeth Spanish street by ♥Lemon-kisses♥ .the cool, grey city of love. by cbooties 290/365 haiku in brown by cakeybabes Saffron&Cardamom Ice Cream by tartelette grey mood by cannelle-vanille yellow by Let'sExplode

Another crazy idea I have is to keep the yellow, gray and cream color scheme but add pops of brilliant red here and there...which I pulled right out of our engagement photos...wouldn't this look nice on the wall of our new living room?

Image by the fabulous Natalie Moser

What are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Is yellow and gray so last year?


Lyndsy said...

Love the grey, cream and yellow combo. With a pop of red it could really be fun! Can't wait to see what you end up putting together! xox

Tara Holmes said...

Love the living room. I had the same anthro dress for my bridal the colors. good luck on the house hunt, how fun!

jamieofalltrades said...

I love it. And if you do a pop of red you can always change your mind later. So much goes with yellow/gray.

Sorry I've been MIA things have been crazy!

Mrs.French said...

eeep...yay my photo! and my oh my do I love the dress! xo t