Wednesday, May 13, 2009

iPhone. How I love thee { Part Two }

Pandora. The. Greatest. Invention. Ever. If you don't know what Pandora is. Go here. Play around and then come back here and thank me.

Pandora is an online music website where you can customize "stations" based on your music likes and dislikes. The more you listen and the more you rate songs
{thumbs up if you love it, thumbs down if you never want to hear it again} the smarter it gets. I've been using Pandora on my computer at work for quite awhile now so my stations are pretty dialed in.

Pandora also has a knack for introducing me to new music I may like
{based on my ratings of similar music styles} so its a great way to find new artists that haven't hit the mainstream yet.

My favorite feature is probably the QuickMix - which allows me to choose several
{or all} of my stations and randomly play songs from all the different genres. Going from Feist to Pearl Jam to Nina Simone to Creedence Clearwater makes me happy.

Ok back to my iPhone - Pandora is
{of course} an iPhone app. AND {of course} it's FREE! So now while I'm driving I simply hook up my iPhone and listen away! Only songs I like and zero commercials or talking. Fabulous. I use it so much it {almost} takes place of my iTunes. There really is no reason to purchase songs anymore - but if you must have a song you hear on Pandora; with one touch of the screen you can quickly and easily download it from iTunes.

P.S. It's great for working out, too. You can set up a station solely for workout songs {Britney Spears, 80s music} OR what I like to do is leave it on QuickMix and change my workout based on the song that comes on. Slow song? Slow it down but increase the intensity. Fast song? Lighten the load and speed it up. Perfect for mixing up your workouts and you never know what you're gonna get.



Lynne said...

I have been living under a rock because i had no idea about this. I have been listening to it now for 10 minutes and am IN LOVE. Thanks for sharing

Shelby said...

Lynne!!! Where have you been??? Glad I could introduce you to it ;) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I really need to use Pandora more often. I tend to get a little frustrated with it and give up, so how can it possibly know what I like?

iva yaneva said...

My boyfriend keeps telling me about that website:) apparently a couple of years ago he has used it online, but then they've shut it down and he keeps "crying" about it :)) I'll tell him there is an app for his iphone, he'll be thrilled! :)
thank you :)