Friday, May 29, 2009

I { must } share this with you.....

My boss sent this to pretty much made my day. I hope it makes yours too.

Click here
and scroll down to read the reviews. AWESOME.

Have a GREAT weekend!

NOTE: he didn't actually send me the t-shirt (bummer) - just the link.

PPS: If I really was "prissy" do you think I'd have a three-wolf t-shirt on my blog? As if.


Tara Holmes said...

Justin and I LOVE finding people in wolf shirts! I even brought home a wolf poster and put it up in our house as a joke just to scare him.

Alicia said...

Are those reviews real? I mean seriously... I love that your boss sent you that! Totally has me cracking up.

*taryn said...

love it! haha


I have this tee in Purple!
...well a version of it: One wolf, calmly sitting in the snow, with the rising moon behind.

I wear mine more often than not.
I rock it like no-body's business.
Make (5) strategically fashionable cuts:
>one 4" cut down at the front/center neckline = "v" neck.
>two(one each) at the center fold of sleeve, buttom up to the shoulder seem. Stretch it, pull it, and tie these new ends in a tight, little knot = baby doll sleeve.
> two(one each) 6" cut at the bottom-up along the side fold = flare.
Own it!
...and watch the smiles walk by! ;P

Mrs.French said...

and you are funny too? this made me laugh so hard...I just know we would be friends...xo t

Megan said...

This just made my day. So funny! ha.