Friday, April 10, 2009

It's { Finally } the Weekend

{image via ffffound}

What are you guys up to? Special Easter plans?

Looks like the weather will be just so-so around here. Movie marathon?

Have a lovely weekend!


Kisses & Kumquats said...

Sadly I will be spending easter cooped up (sick!!!) yuck :( but HAPPY EASTER SLELBY!!!! =)

Shelby said...

Yuck! Feel better Ash!

alexandra said...

oooo i love this picture! lovely etsy shop too! xoxo

XOXO Mallory Grace said...

Happy Easter Shelby, Rich and Zulu!!! Hope you have a great Easter Sunday.

Chessa! said...

I am kind of happy that the weather is completely meh this weekend. it's cold and rainy where we are and I'm looking forward to a day of absolutely nothing:) Tomorrow is about a lot of family and food so I'm enjoying the mellow of today. I hope you enjoy too!