Monday, April 20, 2009

Flickr { Favorites }

No rhyme or reason to these - just wonderful shots I was lucky enough to stumble upon. LOTS of inspiration here! I wish I wasn't cooped up in an office and was instead out in the world attempting shots like these. Click, click & click some more!

crab apples by cannelle-vanille Round and round by IrenaS Coffee's hot, fresh and ready  . . . . by Langdon* Arabesque by Langdon* venice by *etoile* p e a r s by ohmykozy  by blitzregen Cherry Blossoms by *Peanut (Lauren) * by *Peanut (Lauren) mid-morning breakfast by fitzhughfella in the bright blue of daylight by nurseynicole cascade by fstop22 A Light exists in Spring by marielito Albanian landscape by marielito 100_2562 by carcrashhearts cucpake wrappers by Creature Comforts Use your free time for self-development by i.anton \\ by SaraCrowe?!  by loou blueberry heaven  by Leaca's Philosophy {moving...busy, busy!} polaroid ocean by mrs. french hp_scanDS_94614223859 by Let'sExplode happy easter! by ohhellofriend Phlox by bford13 pout web by gabensysmom (Angela) Full blown full on spring by ElizaB. Inspired... by Shana Rae Memory of Childhood ~ by Sylvia128 Fix My Heart by ~~Katie~~  Taking Flight by Sarai♥WoaH Photography♥ From Paris to the moon by IrenaS playful patterns by traceyclark Unravel by Bassified Motherchucker Strawberry Charlottes by tartelette Flying? Falling? either way, it's not bothering anybody else so what do you care~ by Tja'Sha ♥  by Elle Moss
Happy Monday!


Katy said...

Some great pic picks, as usual! I've seen a few of these in my contacts' pages recently, too. :-)

Amy said...

Cooped up in an office? That's no place for you, darlin'. Take a break. Go out and shoot some photos. I wanna see what you come up with. These make a lovely starting place!

Underfunded Heiress said...

Great pics!