Monday, February 2, 2009

{ Valentine } Inspirations

It's February and time for all things pink and red - a fabulous color combo if you ask me. While I'm impartial to Valentine's Day I do love the colors, the candies and the excuse to let loved ones know just how much they are loved.

R and I usually don't do anything special on VDay and this year is no exception since I'll be celebrating the day in Phoenix with the NBA's best players and R will be at home snuggling with the Zu Girl.

However I'm still feeling festive and thought it fitting to share some of these fine photos.






{ All images via ffffound }


Krista said...

these photos are amazing! thanks for sharing!

Shelby said...

Thanks for the comment Krista! My pleasure

the b-line said...

Gorgeous! Perfect for the season of love. I too love the pinks and reds, and of course, the CHOCOLATEs!

Ida said...

I love these shots, they inspire me so. You have a beautiful eye

Shelby said...

Glad you guys enjoyed these ;) I had a good time hunting for them