Monday, December 29, 2008

Workday Wandering

I'm always starting new little blog post "themes" and I never stick with them. Where did my "blog of the week" go? Oh well...I hope you like this one

In my quest to shed my "Newlywed 15" I've decided to actually get up out of my chair and leave my office during the lunch hour (gasp! what a concept) The idea is to get a little exercise, explore the area in which I work and take a photo or two.

Photo by me

I work in a shady part of San Diego. It's not a very pleasant place to walk around. There's always interesting "characters" waiting at the bus stop, hundreds of car dealerships and auto body shops and more taco stands than you could ever dream of. (That last part is not a complaint)

Back to my point (if there was one)'s the shot I took today. From my camera phone. Because I wouldn't dare walk around with my real camera in this neighborhood.

For more cool camera phone pics, check out a real, cool blog.


Leigh said...

That is great for a phone!! :)

Happy New Year Shelby!! All the best in 2009.

Shelby said...

Thanks Leigh ;) Happy New Year to YOU!