Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Can't Focus Anymore

I've officially crossed over into the "Vacation Zone." I can't think about anything else other than the wedding and Tahiti. And honestly...the wedding isn't thought about as much as it should be. I still have lots left to do. But as you saw in my Tahiti Dreamin' post my mind always seems to drift to Tahiti.

Let me break it down for you:

16 days until the wedding
8 more days of work (not including weekends)
18 days until we leave for Tahiti
10 days in paradise
and a grand total of 19 days off of work

Would you be able to concentrate on anything but that? I didn't think so.


Lynne said...

You are a lucky girl. You get 2 of the most amazing things within days of each other. Wedding then vacation of your dreams.
My breakdown
Leave for SD in 13 days
be in BF's wedding in 16 days
get 2 days off work

Stacie919 said...

Nope! Sounds pretty frickin' fabulous!!! I wish I was Tahiti Dreamin'!

My Breakdown:
Leave for Cali in 9 days....
Travel the CA coast on the way down to what will be one of the most fabulous weddings EVER!!!!!
Days off work: 5
Can't wait eem, sooo excited to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyndsy said...

Yay!!!!! I won't break it down for you like the other gals but....Needless to say I am soo excited for your wedding and to hear about all the places Elon and I need to visit from the newly crowned Tahiti experts The Clark's! XOXO