Tuesday, August 12, 2008


On Sunday Taryn and I had our first 'girls only' photo shoot. Well her boyfriend came along as our "assistant" and good thing he did because it turned out to be a pretty sketchy location. It was an old, abandoned dairy farm out by Pala (an Indian reservation) complete with broken out or boarded up windows and a plethora of hypodermic needles.

At one point a cop pulled up to inform us we were trespassing, and though he said we could stay, he shared with us that shady characters were known to lurk around the area and they had even recently discovered a body there!

That was all we needed to hear, we snapped a few more shots and were on our way. Next time we'll choose a slightly less creepy location. Disneyland?

To check out more shots from our shoot visit Taryn's flickr page here and my page here.

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