Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yesterday for Flickr Group Roulette I had to take photos of something "green." Not the color green but more "environmentally green" (whatever that means). So mustering up all the creativity I could find (sarcasm) I took this shot outside at the dog run behind our complex.

My excuse is that I was too distracted by Fenway the 3 month old Bulldog puppy (stupid name, cute dog) to get anymore creative with my shots.

So while not working today I compiled all my outtakes from yesterdays "photo shoot" into one pretty little collage for you all to enjoy. Photos of little Fenway will come later.....Happy Spring!


Lindsay said...


Stacie919 said...

I like the name Fenway - I'm a bit partial though :)

love the collage! very "green!"

(you know who...)

Shelby said...

Oh wow! Stacie actually left me a comment!